• Veterans make great employees. They are disciplined, focused, reliable, hardworking, team players. They also offer the skills, training and experience needed in virtually every industry including IT, telecom, logistics, security and health care.
  • It can be very economical to hire veterans. These unique talent pools are often located near employers, or if not, the military will pay most or all of the relocation expenses for transitioning service members.
  • Tax incentivesto businesses that hire eligible unemployed veterans and for the first time. The credit can be as high as $9,600 per veteran for for-profit employers or up to $6,240 for tax-exempt organizations. Learn more about the The VOW to Hire Heroes Act of 2011here

Hire Veterans

US military Veterans including those with disabilities - clearly deserve a fair shot at what is at the heart of the American dream, a good job with a good company. We have developed working relationships with many veteran networks dedicated to creating job opportunities for US military veterans through personalized employment training and corporate engagement. 

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We have complete a work assessment of the position and identifying transferable skills from the military to private sector to ensure we provide a good fit for the employer. We offer an efficient and economical way to create opportunities for employers to meet these highly skilled, well educated, self-disciplined individuals with excellent experience and initiative and often having active security clearance.

To become part of this program, contact us to discuss best suits your interest.

  • DoD Transition Assistance Program - Explains the transition process in detail. It offers career guidance and advice on how to manage transition-related paperwork, and more.
  • Relocation Resources - Explore all aspect of a move, benefits, points of contact, and employment and education resources.
  • Create Your Skill Profile - Use this tool to learn about and rate yourself on skills needed for specific occupations.

prepare for your next mission

Returning to civilian life is about much more than finding a job. It's a major life change.Your military skills have great value in the civilian job market. Learn about veteran-friendly and veteran-run services that guide you through the process.

Our Key Solution Benefits

Whether it is part of a company’s overall workforce strategy or an immediate need for a specialized skill, there are plenty of reasons to consider hiring veterans.

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